The Museum of Apology provides a valuable resource to explore the complex issues, resolutions, and discoveries that arise due to the important social practice of apologizing, making amends, contrition, expressing regret, and excusing oneself. After witnessing a series of apologies induced by various situations, our founder became fascinated by the personal and political nature of apology making.

The act of saying sorry is deeply rooted in  communities throughout history and around the globe. It is evident in every day conversations and prevalent in pop culture creations.

The Museum of Apology maintains a permanent collection of pieces and writings relevant to the process of apologizing. Much of this collection is archived online and can be viewed in our transitional space, apology display, special collections, and mailroom, as well as dispersed throughout the museum.

Our collection also includes a record of many important and thought provoking apology letters, research into non-human animal apology/acknowledgement behavior, sorry cakes, vocal and physical documentation of genuinely delivered apologies, information on the non-apology, and apology artifacts.