I designed these textiles and printed them thanks to a student grant from Spoonflower.

To create this series of textiles (meant for garments and other constructions) I used an image search technique to draw connections between diverse sets of imagery. My goal was to reveal an interconnectivity of image, as facilitated by Google Images.
Beginning my process with images of neural networks, I used Google’s image search to create an archive of what the technology deemed to be visually similar images. The process and the connections that the image search made were quite interesting. Following a long process of clicking and image searching, I was able to create an archive that featured images including brain synapses, algae blooms, carpet foam, and cut vegetables.

This process of surface design creation gave me the opportunity to explore networks, platforms, connectivity, and systems in a material centered way as part of my senior thesis. It also gave me the opportunity to explore image and technology.