Raina Wellman


Our theme was, of course, Spring Cleaning.

“The year is ending. We’re doing some heavy-duty cleaning (of our studios, hearts, and minds). When getting our affairs in order before the Summer, it's often difficult to let go. This is a show for excess, mess, baggage, hidden and forgotten gems.” Written by Wen Zhang

We wanted exhibiting artists to think of the show as an opportunity to show a piece of work that they hadn’t been able to present to a wider audience. Or, if they preferred, as a place to show something important to them that hadn’t yet had a place to shine.

The show opened in the old mailroom on May 23rd and closed on the 30th. Opening night included a performance by Rachel Tandon and Zoe Scruggs.

I created the promotional material and the poster with design direction help from Sara Park (as well as support from Wen and Aayushi). They were riso printed by Tiger Dingsun.

Big thanks to all of the artists! To my friends! And to this beautiful show we created as we said goodbye to RISD!