“The goal of this treasure hunt is to introduce you and the participants to parts of your city that they may have previously overlooked. No destination would generally be visited by a tourist, each spot has likely been appreciated briefly, but widely ignored. In the spots that I’ve provided to you I’ve been struck by a delight in the mundane and have made a few lovely memories. I hope that you and your participants will too.”
I’m interested in creating projects for social engagement that motivate others to explore and consider subjects or spaces in a different way. Participating in scavenger hunts allows for the types of observation and dialogue that I wanted to highlight for this project.

Participants and organizers of scavenger hunts are encouraged to perceive the surrounding world in a completely different light than the average person. This is another project in which I used playful, colorful visual language, which seemed to be fitting considering the theme of scavenger hunt and the quick taste of summer weather. I’ve been trying to define my style, so in this unit I played with illustration and color in a way that I hadn’t before. I also became very interested in the idea of a package.

In this case, the package held an event, I’m interested in expanding on that idea–and the many other directions packaging can take.