Raina Wellman


In collaboration with a good friend of mine and fellow graphic designer, Kevin Dong, I began a continual digital correspondence. We send a digital postcard every 3 days, which functions as a traditional postcard, but also allows us to have more immediate delivery and control of what we produce. This project has helped us to maintain our long distance friendship and continue to experiment with and explore different modes of graphic design and illustration. Each week is a wonderful surprise, a peek into our lives and a delightful artistic expression.

I began the project with the first digital postcard, featuring unicorns. Every alternating card from then on (12/03/19) was created by Kevin. We came up with the project over FaceTime in late November 2019. It continues to this day. We post them on our Instagrams... Check out mine @unnff and Kevin’s @kevin.dong

We were wrriten about on AIGA Eye on Design Twitter.